What is Pipe Dream?

Pipe Dream is a tool that provides a powerful DSL to simplify creating and managing AWS CodePipeline resources. You can create a Pipeline, Scheduled Event, IAM Role, and Webhook.

The pipeline DSL is essentially a wrapper to CloudFormation for resources like the CodePipeline Project resource. This means you can fully control and customize of the CodePipeline resources.

Usage Scenarios

Here are some ways to use Pipe Dream:

  • continuous integration and delivery
  • visualizing the deploy flow
  • building artifacts: Docker images, AMIs, jars, s3 objects, etc

AWS CodePipeline vs CodeBuild

AWS CodePipeline is higher-level software than CodeBuild. CodeBuild is a managed build service, and you can use it to automate tasks. CodePipeline helps you sequence the steps and puts it all together; providing you with a high-level visualization.

Pro tip: Use the <- and -> arrow keys to move back and forward.

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