Codebuild Project

The codebuild method is one of the most useful methods in the pipeline.rb DSL arsenal. With it, you can add codebuild projects to your pipeline and sequence them quickly. Let’s start with the simplest form.

String Form

With the String form, the String sets both the name of the CodePipeline Action and CodeBuild Project.

stage "Deploy" do
  codebuild "demo1"
  codebuild "demo2", "demo3" # runs in parallel
  codebuild "demo4"

With just a few lines of code, we have define the pipeline to run the demo1 codebuild project first. Then, in parallel, run demo2 and demo3 second. Last, run demo4.

Simplified Hash Form

With the Simplified Hash form, we have more control over the CodePipeline Action and CodeBuild Project names.

stage "Deploy" do
  codebuild(name: "action1", project_name: "demo1")
  codebuild({name: "action2", project_name: "demo2"}, {name: "action3", project_name: "demo3"}) # runs in parallel
  codebuild(name: "action4", project_name: "demo4")

In this form, we can explicitly set what the Action Name displays as in the CodePipeline. We can also set the CodeBuild project name explicitly.

Note: You can mix and match the String form and the Hash form. Each item in the argument list gets evaluated and expanded out appropriately.

Full Hash Form

With the Full Hash Form, we have full control of the Action properties. To keep this example concise, we’ll declare only one codebuild Action.

stage "Build" do
    name: "action1",
    action_type_id: {
      category: "Build",
      owner: "AWS",
      provider: "CodeBuild",
      version: "1",
    run_order: 1,
    configuration: { project_name: 'demo1' },
    # output_artifacts: [name: "BuildArtifact#{name}"], # optional
    input_artifacts: [name: "SourceArtifact"], # default

The various forms all ultimately expand properties to the Full Hash Form. Generally, it is recommended you start with the simplest form and use the more complex forms when required.

Pro tip: Use the <- and -> arrow keys to move back and forward.

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