Pipe Dream DSL

Pipe Dream provides a simple yet powerful DSL to create CodePipeline related resources. Here’s an example:

stage "Source" do
    source: "tongueroo/demo-test",
    auth_token: ssm("/github/user/token")

stage "Build" do
  codebuild "demo1", "demo2"
  codebuild "demo3"

stage "Approve" do
  approve("Approve this deploy")

stage "Deploy" do
  codebuild "deploy"

Here are some examples of resources it can create:

  • pipeline: The CodePipeline pipeline. This is required.
  • iam role: The IAM role associated with the CodePipeline pipeline.
  • webhook: The webhook associated with the CodePipeline pipeline.
  • schedule: An CloudWatch Event rule: triggers the pipeline to start on a scheduled basis.
  • sns topic: The SNS Topic associated with the approval step. This is optional and provides a way to customize the SNS topic if needed.

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