Pipeline DSL

The pipeline DSL allows you to define the Stages and Actions within that Stage with only a few lines of code. In the Quick Start, we define a very short pipeline to keep the introduction simple. Here we’ll show more of the DSL power.

stage "Source" do
    source: "tongueroo/demo-test",
    auth_token: ssm("/github/user/token")

stage "Build" do
  codebuild "demo1", "demo2"
  codebuild "demo3"

stage "Approve" do
  approve("Approve this deploy")

stage "Deploy" do
  codebuild "deploy"

This pipeline has 3 stages:

  1. Downloads the source code from Gitub and uploads it to S3 as an output artifact.
  2. Starts 3 codebuild projects with s3 upload from the previous step as an input artifact.
  3. Waits for a manual approval stage.
  4. Uses another codebuild project to kick off a deploy.

Build Stage

Within the build stage, there are multiple actions. Some of them run in parallel and some in serial.

  • The demo1 and demo2 codebuild projects run on the same RunOrder=1. They run in parallel.
  • The demo3 codebuild project run with RunOrder=2. It starts after both demo1 and demo2 finishes.

The Pipeline DSL allows to you connect the stages together how you want them with very little code.

Pipeline Specific DSL Docs

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