pipe start


pipe start


Start codebuild project.

You can start a pipeline with the pipe start command. Here’s an example:

$ pipe start
Pipeline started: demo
Please check the CodePipeline console for the status.
CodePipeline Console: https://us-west-2.console.aws.amazon.com/codesuite/codepipeline/pipelines/demo/view
Pipeline cli: aws codepipeline get-pipeline-execution --pipeline-execution-id 02579d64-9271-4edc-aa45-bc9629d732bb --pipeline-name demo

Specifying Code Branch

If you would like start a build using a specific code branch you can use the --branch or -b option. Example:

pipe start -b feature-branch

AWS CLI Equivalent

The pipe start command is a simple wrapper to the AWS API with the ruby sdk. You can also start pipelines with the aws codepipeline cli. Here’s the equivalent CLI command:

aws codepipeline start-pipeline-execution --name demo


    [--sure=SURE]                # Bypass are you sure prompt
b, [--branch=BRANCH]             # git branch
    [--stack-name=STACK_NAME]    # Override the generated stack name. If you use this you must always specify it
    [--wait], [--no-wait]        # Wait for operation to complete
                                 # Default: true
    [--verbose], [--no-verbose]  
    [--noop], [--no-noop]        

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